The Brotherhood of the Iron Will

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Kepha is a father-son apostolate that started in 1998 in Destrehan, LA.  Since that time, the work of Kepha has ebbed and flowed over the years, at one point seeing membership and retreats in 6 states.  

Kepha is now experiencing what St. John of the Cross called the "dark night."  Membership is down. Leaders have fallen away and retreats have become few and far between.  

And yet, we still receive messages from people who want to start Kepha where they live.  We've had inquires from as far away as the Philippines and England.  

As far as we know, there is nothing like Kepha in the United States, much less the world.  The charism, the Big 3 and the daily challenges to climb Verso 'l Alto! are what make Kepha unique among youth or family life ministry.  Kepha comes from the Heart of the Church and exists to assist the Church's mission of evangelizing the world by building up boys, young men and fathers to live lives of heroic virtue.  

2015 marks the 200th centenary of the birth of St. Don Bosco and so that is the time when we plan to kick-start Kepha with a renewed vigor in the great hopes that the Lord will bless this apostolic work.  

If you want to kept up to date on this renewed effort, please sign up for our newsletter below.  If you have an interest in starting Kepha retreats in your area, let us know that as well.

Most of all we beg of you to pray for us a little, that God may give us an iron will that does not fail and does not bend in his projects!