The Brotherhood of the Iron Will

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The Brotherhood of the Iron Will

Are you tired of a half-hearted Catholicism that is uninspiring and lonely?

Do you want to live the dynamic Catholic life?

Are you hungry for a fraternity where fathers stand beside their sons and men provoke each other to Heaven?

Are you ready to be 100% with the Holy Father?

Would you like to dig down deep to find your Iron  Will  buried within?

Do you believe you can achieve sanctity in a joy-filled Catholic brotherhood?

If so, then join us.  We are the Brotherhood of the Iron Will!

Kepha members practice brotherhood via monthly retreats, shared daily prayers and a commitment to our 5 Anchors;  Apologetics, Brotherhood, Charity, Mortification and Prayer.

We believe in apologetics, brotherhood, charity, mortification, and prayer.

We believe, like Ignatius of Loyola, in giving until it hurts and not counting the costs.

We believe in Confession, the Eucharist, and the Communion of Saints.

We believe in dynamic orthodoxy and infectious joy.

We believe in the Gospel of Life.

We believe in doing as Brothers what we would reluctantly do alone.

We believe, along with Dominic Savio, in “Death, but not sin !”

We believe in helping and loving the least of our brothers.

We believe in an Iron Will that does not bend and does not fail in God’s projects.

We believe in praying hard and playing hard.

We believe in Jesus Christ and the keys He gave to Peter, the Rock.